Introducing MarketingBench 2.0

MarketingBench™ 2.0, a marketing automation solution for the creation, sourcing, deployment and measurement of integrated marketing programs.

MarketingBench 2.0 is ideal for complex marketing ecosystems such as franchise operations, retail chains, field marketing organizations and partner marketing programs where ensuring timely fulfillment and brand consistency can be challenging. A site designed to your organization’s brand guidelines, MarketingBench 2.0 can be securely accessed from anywhere.

MarketingBench 2.0 Features Include:
  • Channel Profile: The channel profile is the foundation for all related activities. It may be populated via an import (perhaps from, or manually. Here, users maintain customer/channel data from basic address information to custom ship-tos, fixture inventory, store photos, order history, or optional Q&A for custom data gathering. A user’s hierarchy determines which customers show here, which enables administrators and assistants to participate in the data gathering process.
  • Shop: The traditional shop functionality is accessible via a navigation option and single sign on. Companies using MarketingBench today will continue to have the same access to their on-demand ordering and centralized marketing asset management system.
  • Promotions: Event driven or seasonal promotions are setup by an administrator and are visible to the users during the predetermined date range. During that time, users access the system, view the items available within a promotion, and indicate the number of kits needed for each location. The user may return as many times as needed prior to the close date. An administrative view of each promotion shows a progress bar to indicate complete allocations across all locations as well as the ability to assign for any of them. Once the promotion period is closed, the administrator generates the output for fulfillment.
  • Project Manager: The project manager functionality seeks to accommodate any type of request the sales team may ask of a marketing department. To maximize flexibility, the administrator has full control over the types of requests that can be made, what questions must be answered for each (“metadata”), and what milestones the project will progress through. Typically, a project request is initiated by a field user, then approved by marketing - at which time a project manager is assigned. The project manager then enters start/end dates for each milestone and assigns those responsibilities to various marketing users. Action-based notifications keep all parties informed, and project status can be viewed by all via a summary complete with filters and a Gantt chart.
  • Catalog Manager: This feature is used primarily by customer service or sales users for delivery of a product catalog. Users may choose between a physical shipment or the more economical electronic version, and can order several in a single order along with other items from the traditional shopping catalogs.
  • Reporting: Reports are accessed by administrative users who may also be logged on for maintenance of users, projects, or even news information. The interface is ultimately designed to empower each customer to manage the system as best suits their business needs.
  • Dashboard: Users arrive at a summary dashboard upon logon. The main feature is a news feed maintained by marketing for announcements and reminders. A calendar highlights important dates related to projects and promotions and provides shortcuts into them. A permission-driven navigation panel provides access into the various components of the system for further action.
Quote from- Williamson-Dickies

Williamson-Dickie Manufacturing Company, a global workwear company, is a long-time WebbMason customer and an early adopter of MarketingBench 2.0. “Our brands are available in more than 100 countries through company owned stores, specialty shops in retail partner locations, and ecommerce sites such as and,” said Matthew McCartin, Chief Marketing Officer, Williamson-Dickie Manufacturing Company. “MarketingBench 2.0 gives us the ability to rapidly customize, deploy, and manage cross-channel marketing campaigns for all distribution channels while maintaining a consistent brand image and controlling costs. WebbMason is a strategic partner and MarketingBench is a game-changer.”

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